Our focus is on 3D CAD design for additive manufacturing. We work with inventors, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to bring concepts and legacy parts to the build platform in an efficient and economical way. Our CAD design and 3D printing services are tailored to the individual or company with the flexibility that comes with a freelance designer.

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Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design expertise is bolstered by hands-on additive manufacturing (3D printing) experience. Each method of printing and part geometry is different. We have the know how to save time and material costs while still producing a strong and reliable part.

Legacy Part Conversion

Simply printing old part designs originally meant for traditional manufacturing methods can be a waste of material and time or you may want to update an old design to take advantage of the weight reduction potential of additive manufacturing.

Lite Simulation and FEA

We also provide simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) when you need to ensure your project meets design constraints or to ensure safety and durability.

Topology Optimization

We take your unique design constraints and see opportunities to innovate. Topology optimization allows us to work within a set of constraints and design criteria to produce a part that is lighter and in some cases stronger than it was before.

Additive Manufacturing/Prototyping

In addition to CAD design services we also offer prototyping, 3D printed molds, and end-use parts with our in-house 3D printers.

Ethical Design

Not only do we strive to deliver quality designs and functional parts but we also take the ethical design of parts seriously. At Tri Vector Printing our company was founded to help clients create innovative designs that have a positive impact on the world or end user. We understand that ultimately our designs will affect an end user in some way. For this reason, we take care in designing parts that invite right use, protect the end user from harm, and reduce environmental impact.



Why Work With Us

Additive manufacturing CAD design services tailored to your exact needs

We are flexible and work within your deadlines to deliver quality CAD models on time

We are the best alternative when work doesn't require full-time in-house designers

Using our AM knowledge we take old designs and make them new again while saving manufacturing costs for low volume parts

We have years of additive manufacturing experience for a variety of applications

Confidentiality is important to us and we will not disclose any aspect of your design without permission

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