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Reproducing Legacy Parts | 3D Printed Tooling and Resin Casting

Sometimes original replacement parts can’t be obtained and 3D printed parts may not be strong enough or too expensive to produce in volume. This is one case where 3D printed tooling and urethane castings can help bridge the gap between the limitations of 3D printing and the design intent of the part. The following is a […]

Designing for Additive Manufacturing | FDM |

Video upload of a webinar covering designing for FDM printing. We have added wonderful elevator music to offset our CEO’s monotone voice. Enjoy! Design Considerations for Additive Manufacturing FDM from BrandonHauser

Designing Supports Into Part Geometry

There are several considerations when designing parts for Additive Manufacturing (AM). In many cases, AM has unique design considerations that differ greatly from standard design conventions typically seen in parts that are manufactured with subtractive machining processes. One major consideration in AM part design involves overhangs and how each layer builds up as the part prints. Ideally each layer […]

Injection Mold Prototyping with SLA

Stereolithography or SLA is one of the most accurate printing processes in use today and has been around for nearly 30 years. SLA additive manufacturing (AM) has become a go-to method for prototypes that require high detail and accuracy. The superior resolution of SLA makes this printing process ideal for replicating the surface finish of […]

Anatomy of a Printed Brick

Who says 3D printing to specific tolerances can’t be fun? Take a look at our take on the traditional LEGO brick. I have designed a brick for 3D printing on our SLA printers and used some creative freedom along the way. First of all, the critical dimensions of the brick and mating surface clearances were reverse […]

3D Printing Complex Parts

3D Printing is still considered an emerging technology with many advancements still on the horizon; however, 3D printing has really shown its worth in several ways. One of which is producing lightweight structures that were not previously manufacturable or far too capital and labor intensive to manufacture with traditional methods. On a rare occasion and between customer […]

7 Practical Uses for 3D Printing

3D printing is a versatile manufacturing process; however, many uses of 3D printing are still shrouded in mystery. The lightweight, low cost, and rapid prototyping/manufacturing aspects of 3D printing will soon replace subtractive manufacturing methods such as CNC machining. This article details the 7 most practical uses for 3D printing and a few that may […]

The Super Awesome 3D Printing Dictionary

        New to 3D printing or stumped by some of the terminology? We are here to help with a dictionary full of the most common and a few uncommon 3D printing definitions. Whether you are designing for 3D printing or just curious this database is sure to help. For the sake of […]